About public art projects

Public art gives the spaces we inhabit - be they urban or rural - a contemporary identity that reflects, supports and celebrates the creativity of humankind.

Public art helps us navigate our identities as individuals and as communities while it helps us to navigate the physical world. It is something we share as a community, forming a focal point for explorations of culture.

While much of my work is publicly visible, public art is particularly responsive to the location and the community for which it is commissioned. Public art pieces are specifically designed to manifest the spirit of the community in which they are located, allowing the potential in the community to come to the fore.

In these projects, I work meaningfully with the community, collaborating with them as I would with other artists. This gives me the opportunity to respond and create a vibrant, relevant work that has integrity and value.

Medieval Musuem, WaterfordCowlersley EstateThe Braid Museum and Arts ComplexArundel Great Court

Medieval Musuem, Waterford
Cowlersley Estate
The Braid Museum, Ballymena
Arundel Great Court