About restoration projects

Our built heritage is part of our make-up, a key part of our culture. It anchors our sense of place, and it is essential that this understanding guides contemporary restoration work performed upon it. When undertaking restoration, it is of great importance to me that legacy work that has been created over time is retained with accuracy and integrity.

Distorting the past through misinformed or poor restoration is culturally unhelpful. Good restoration work recognises that built heritage can provide a true and undiluted link to the past, and that working with these historical pieces offers a unique opportunity to bring the best of traditional practice through into modern work.

When I work closely with these pieces, I have the opportunity to see first-hand the quality of craftsmanship that makes these works such fine examples of this art, and to find ways to honour that work faithfully in the contemporary restoration, so that the art of stonecarving is naturally evolving and developing.

Russborough House RestorationSt Georges Church Restoration

Russborough House | St Georges Church